How To Gain Weight Faster

How To Gain Weight Faster? Quickly, Naturally & Healthy

Gain weight faster is one of the debatable topics as there are various dieticians and nutritionists out there. That gives you various kinds of weight-gaining tips and diet plans to follow. But did you ever wonder why some people still don’t gain weight even after following their tips? Just because everybody has their own criteria or calorie count that they have to fulfill to increase weight faster.


That’s why if you want to gain weight quickly then you have to know your body & its calorie count first. As there are various kinds of ways out there to gain weight such as naturally, through ayurveda, or through tablets and weight-gaining supplements also.

Why Is Gaining Weight Important?

As we all know in India most people are underweight because, in today’s generation, people didn’t take their physical health seriously. That’s why lots of them are suffering from underweight or overweight problems.

Everyone wants to look good and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep themselves physically fit. Doing exercise and eating healthy will help you to keep your boost your whole body’s blood flow. That’s why it is quite important to gain weight or muscles, so you can avoid underweight problems.

Top 5 Weight Gaining Tips For Male & Females Naturally, Ayurveda & Supplements

There are various ways out there that can help you to gain weight faster or quicker. That’s we mention the top 5 ways that are natural, ayurvedic or supplement ways to help you with your problem of being underweight.

1. Weight Gaining Supplements

This is an dietary supplementary way to gain weight quicker as there are various supplements out there that can help you to escape from the problem of being underweight.  When it comes to supplements then there are various things out there that you can look for as everyone has their own recommendation.


Ivate Ayurveda weight gainer capsules are one of the herbal ayurvedic capsules that can help you to gain weight faster. Let me tell you in detail about these ayurveda weight gainer capsules.

Ivate Ayurveda Weight  Gainer Capsules: These capsules can help you gain maximum weight and energy with amazing satisfying results. It increases your appetite and protein intake so you will eat more and more calories and gain weight quickly.

One of the best things is it is a natural Ivate Ayurveda Weight Gain capsule in India as it is an ayurvedic product that’s why it doesn’t have any kind of side effects. It just provides you with positive results and never disappoints you during the journey of your weight gain. 

Ingredients of Ivate Weight Gainer Capsules

These are the herbal and ayurvedic ingredients that we used in our Ivate Weight Gainer Capsules.

  • Shilajit Extracts

  • Ashwagandha Extracts

  • Safed Musli Extracts

  • Kali Musli Extracts

  • Akarkara Extracts

  • Vidarikhand Extracts

  • Jayfal Extracts

  • Bala Extracts

How To Take Ivat Weight Gainer Capsules?

You have to take one weight gainer capsule twice a day in the morning & evening one hour before & after a meal.


Kindly consult with your healthcare doctor before taking the Ivate weight gainer capsules if you are pregnant or suffering from serious diseases.

2. Increase Your Calories Intake

This is one of the natural ways out there that can help you to gain weight faster. To gain your weight faster you can add & take more calories than your body needs. Gaining weight is all about your lifestyle and diet and calories. The more extra you eat the more you gain weight.


The initial step to gain your weight is to know first how many calories your body needs then create a diet plan to add more calories to your diet. It means if your body needs 2000 calories a day then you have to take 2500 calories a day to gain weight. 


Also, if you want to gain weight slowly then you have to 500-600 calories extra per day or if you want to do it faster then take 1000-700 calories more in a day. There are many calorie calculators out there that will help you to know your ideal calories need in a day.

3. Increase your Protein Intake

Protein is a very essential nutrient for our body that helps us to build muscles and improve muscle mass. Protein is not only good for your muscle building but also for helping you in making your bone structure strong.

As the specialist said it is good to take 2 gm protein of your 1 kg body weight in a day, it means if your body weight is 60 kg then you have to take 120gm protein in a day to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you do exercise or gyming then protein is like fuel for your body. When you break your muscle during exercise protein will help you to repair your muscles and increase muscle mass & quality.

As there are many rich protein foods out there such as eggs, chicken,  fish, green vegetables, and nuts, you and also go for protein supplements. This will help you to gain weight faster. So the question is what food makes you gain weight the fastest? Here are the some rich protein food items that will help you to achieve your goal.

Some Rich Protein Items

  • Eggs

  • Milk

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

  • Nuts

  • Almonds

  • pine nuts

  • Walnuts

4. Increase Your Take Of Energy Foods

Energy-dense foods are very important for our bodies as they provide various kinds of nutrients to our bodies. Whether it is energy, protein, fiber, or fats these energy foods provide all of these nutrients to our bodies. Items like fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and legumes are just looked small but they are the powerhouse of energy.

That’s why if you want to gain weight faster than you have to add these seeds into your diet you can add some spices and make chat of these seeds. It provides you with an immense amount of energy & protein and it is far better than your processed junk foods.

  • Almonds

  • Walnuts

  • Macadamia nuts, and peanuts

  • Raisins, Dates & Prunes

  • Extra virgin olive oil, Avocado oil

  • Oats,

  • Brown rice

  • Chicken, Pork, and Beef

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Dark chocolate, Avocados, Peanut butter

5. Few Quick Weight Gaining Tips

Let’s move to tip number 5 of gaining weight faster as the small things play important roles in our life. That’s why these basic little things will play big roles in your journey of gaining weight.

  • Drink Milk: Milk is one of the natural and strongest liquids to keep your immunity healthy.

  • Try Shakes & Smoothies: Weight-gaining shakes & smoothies are the best way to increase your weight faster as it has lots of calories.

  • Weightlifting Exercise: Exercise plays a vital role in weight gain that’s why it is better to lift weights heavier with fewer repetitions.

  • Eat Protein & Fat Sources: Protein & fats are the best nutrients for your body as they are the essential elements of weight gain. That’s why it is better to eat weight gaining foods to fulfill your nutrient needs.

  • Get Quality Sleep: Sleep is very important to gain weight faster because it helps you to repair your muscles and relaxes your muscles.

  • Avoid Drinking Water Before Meals: This will fill your stomach and leads to loss of appetite. So you cannot take enough calories that’s why it is better to avoid drinking water before meals.

  • Take Weight-Gaining Supplements: Supplements is another best way to increase your weight faster and easier. 

Causes Of Being Underweight

Did you ever wonder? Why your body is not gaining weight or why you are facing the problem of being underweight? Well, there are various things that can be the reason for your underweight problem. Below we mention some of the natural causes or diseases for such  kind of problem.

  • Thyroid Problem: When you face the problem of Thyroid then either you loss  weight or you’ll gain uneven weight. That’s why overactive thyroid can cause weight loss.

  • Eating Disorders: This is the most common cause of being underweight as sometimes you avoid eating foods on time or not taking the number of calories that your body need. It also includes your mental health condition your mental health also affects your physical health.

  • Cancer: Generally losing weight depends on the type of cancer of age of the person. As cancer leads to increased energy being used.

Infections: This is another cause of being underweight as it can include parasites, HIV, tuberculosis, etc. That’s why such kind of infection can stop you gain weight faster or can lead to a huge weight loss.