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We Are The Leader In organic product

We all deal with Sexual Problems and Sexual Health Issues in our current age. Our dependence on chemical-based foods and products is the root cause. Our society has been using India’s many herbs and spices since ancient times. They are well-documented in scriptures, scientific texts, as well as records from the oldest medical treatments.

Ivate Ayurveda was founded for the benefit of society. We help people connect with their roots, and offer solutions for their sexual and health issues. After extensive research and testing, we have presented our product. Our herbs and ingredients are organically grown by traditional farmers in Kerala (South India). We provide 100% natural, herbal products for both males and women with no side effects or the use of harmful chemicals.

Our top products include Urjas oil capsule, Ashwa oil capsule, Oja’s capsule and oil, Pure Himalayan Shilajit and many more. We offer solutions for sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature or irregular ejaculation, low body strength, enlargement, energy booster, and low libido. We have a lot of satisfied customers who trust us and see improvements in their sexual lives.

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Company Vision

Ivate Ayurveda provides the highest quality, premium organic and herbal products at the most affordable price to consumers worldwide. Our ancient natural herbs are used to address the sexual problems faced by both men and women. We want to spread the goodness of Indian herbs around the globe. Through traditional methods and scientific innovation, we want to share the benefits of ancient herbal formulas.


  • We offer natural and herbal products.

  • We adhere to International Industrial Standards.

  • We want to offer our customers the best solutions.

  • We offer products at an affordable price and high quality.

  • We decided to do our research on herbs and create products using the most pure form of ayurvedic formulas without any harmful chemicals.

Our Support

We are able to meet the needs of our customers with speedy and high quality work. Our dedicated support team loves to help our customers.


  • Our mission remains the same: To provide high-quality, natural products at reasonable prices. We strive to be the best in the world. We are focusing on customer satisfaction through value-added products and increased customer loyalty.


We have formed business partnerships with farmers and cultivators from different parts of India. We recognize the importance of India’s herb and plant riches and we have faith in the farmers who have dedicated their lives to this land. We decided to give them the resources they need for love and hard work.


Because we value each customer equally, our professionals build relationships with them. When communicating with customers, we take into account their needs.

Our Team Work

Our strength is our specialized team. Our experts work together to improve performance and work in harmony.

Our workers are provided with a safe environment and mutual trust. This is the foundation of our working relationships.

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    Ivate Ayurveda

    Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, 110058
    Ph. (995) 875-6089


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    Our Phone

    (995) 875-6089

    Our Phone

    (995) 875-6089

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