Ashwa Power Oil


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Ashwa Power Oil, an Ayurvedic and herbal product that can improve your sexual performance is the best choice. This oil is made with natural ingredients and can be used safely to increase your sex drive as well as improve your erection. Ashwa Power Oil for Enlargement is an ayurvedic product used for centuries to enhance sexual performance. This oil contains a mixture of ingredients that have been proven to improve sexual performance through Penis massage.

  1. Ashwa Power oil for erectile dysfunction ED and premature ejaculation by Ivate Ayurveda for Men

  2. Ashwa Power oil for increasing strength, stamina, and power for men by Ivate Ayurveda, 100% Organic.

  3. Ashwa Power oil makes men long-lasting with natural and organic herbs with No side effects.

  4. Ivate Ayurveda Ashwa Power oil ayurvedic ingredients ashwagandha, Shatavari, clove, black seed, sesame, cowhage, velvet bean, and datura extract.

  5. Ashwa Power oil is 100% natural and herbal for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and boosts strength, stamina, and fertility in males.

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    If you are looking for an herbal and Ayurvedic product that can help improve your sexual performance, then Ashwa Power Oil is the best option for you. Made with natural ingredients, this oil is safe to use and is highly effective in boosting your sex drive and improving your erection. Ashwa Power Penis Enlargement Oil is an ayurvedic product that has been in use for centuries to improve sexual performance. The oil is made with a combination of ingredients that are known to be effective in doing Massage and improving sexual performance.


    • Our oil is formulated with ayurvedic herbal formula with deep research and herbs purity intact. It will prevent you from experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

    • 100% natural and organic herbs are used.

    • No side effects or harmful chemicals were used.

    • Ivate Ayurveda oil will stimulate blood flow and increase energy.

    • Ayurvedic ingredients are used like ashwagandha, Shatavari, clove, black seed, sesame, cowhage, velvet bean, and datura extract.

    • Boost men’s stamina, power, and energy making them more passionate and long-lasting.


    • We understand the stressful situation Indian men are facing in our society which is impacting their sexual performance and passion for life. The unsatisfaction of a relationship leads to many more issues. Aviva Herbs by focusing on our ancient richness of Ayurveda come up with a trusted, testified, and guaranteed solution for your life. It will generate more strength, stamina, power, and passion in men making them last longer and live a satisfying life with their partners.

    • It is the best solution Oil for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low libido without any harmful chemicals or side effects.


    • Ashwagandha: It is mentioned in our ancient scriptures or Kamasutra, that the usage of ashwagandha enhances sexual life for men. It helps to prevent stress and boost power.

    • Shatavari: Its regular use will increase sperm count, help blood circulation, and lowers sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction in men.

    • Clove: It is the best herb to improve the production of sexual hormones and enhance nerve stimulation.

    • Black seed: It will boost the sperm and fertility of humans.

    • Sesame:  It will have enzymes and antioxidants that inhibit lipid peroxidases that help with sperm motility.

    • Cowhage: It helps to improve sperm count and increase the production and quantity of semen in men.

    • Velvet bean: It helps in boosting your testosterone and dopamine level in the body.

    • Datura extract: It has been used traditionally and works as a booster for libido, fertility, and sexual energy.

    Mode of Application

    • Take a sufficient quantity of oil on your palms and massage gently on the male private organ.


    • Your hand should be clean wash it with normal or lukewarm water.

    • Clean the body part area properly before applying.

    • Keep Ivate Ayurveda Ashwa Power Oil for Men in a cool and dry place at below room temperature. Don’t refrigerate.

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    1. Md. Yunus

      Using this Oil for the last Two Months for massaging my part and seriously the problem which I am facing for so long is finally getting solve thank you for this miracle product.

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